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Animated Mental Health PowerPoint Template

October 14, 2019 By Farshad

According to a study published by Harvard Business Review, 75% of Millennials and Gen Zers left their job in the United States due to mental health issues. Various studies related to the topic in recent years have shown an alarming number of millennials suffering from mental health issues and it seems Gen Zers (the next […]

Animated Colorful Simple Lines PowerPoint Template

September 29, 2019 By Farshad

A colorful and minimalist template might just be all you need. However, it’s always nice to have some transitions and animations to support your content. The Animated Colorful Simple Lines PowerPoint Template brings a mix of a minimalist presentation template and subtle animations.

Animated Gap Analysis PowerPoint Template

September 22, 2019 By Farshad

Gap analysis is used to understand the difference between the optimized use and integration of resources, as compared to their current utilization. A Gap analysis helps businesses to determine their future plans and can be conducted to determine business direction, business processes, information technology or human resources. You can present your Gap analysis using easy […]

Animated Comparative Advantage Toolkit for PowerPoint

September 15, 2019 By Farshad

Animated Comparative Advantage Toolkit for PowerPoint is meant for making comparison slides using layouts that can be edited to create diagrams, infographics and easy to explain slides with relevant icons. The template contains a toolkit with editable layouts, an icons set and instructions to help edit the slides. This is an animated slide deck which […]

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