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Animated School Kids PowerPoint Template

April 13, 2019 By Farshad

School children need visual aid and an interesting lecture to stay attentive in class. The use of PowerPoint in classrooms has presented both an opportunity and challenge to make use of visual appeal to keep children glued to their seats. Sometimes, the use of imagery that children can relate to can be a good way […]

Animated Blue Layers PowerPoint Template

April 7, 2019 By Farshad

The modern design requirements include less to be more. This means using minimalist designs with emphasis on fewer colors. Simple layers is the name of a template which provides minimalist slides with animations and blue layers. This Animated Blue Layers PowerPoint Template can be a good generic template for making various types of presentations. Being […]

Animated Space PowerPoint Template

March 31, 2019 By Farshad

A dark theme can help emphasize presentation content. Using a dark theme can be useful when you want to highlight your information, such as; data, dashboards, infographics and small blocks of text in slides. The Animated Space PowerPoint Template comes with a dark, space theme with various handy layouts.

Arrow Design PowerPoint Template

March 15, 2019 By Farshad

Arrow themed templates are often used in presentations for creating diagrams and illustrating various types of models. The Arrow Design PowerPoint Template is a customizable premium template which can be used for creating arrow themed slide decks. You can edit the slide elements and fashion your presentations using animated slides.

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